This is one of my pet peeves. People not spending  half a second to put on eyeshadow  primer then consequently, walking around with creased or oily eyeshadow. Every time I see it I wince. I try to be nice as I blog but sometimes my true self comes through, my mean always-shouting-at-the-top-of-my-lungs self. So listen up so I can go back to being nice Katie. DON’T SKIP YOUR  EYESHADOW PRIMER!!!!!

Some of you may be thinking ‘Why bother?’ Let me enlighten you.

First, what is eyeshadow primer?

A: A creamy  paste applied before eyeshadow to….wait! that’s the next question.

Next, what does it do?

A: Everything!!! Its main purpose is to increase the durability of your eyeshadow by providing a ‘sticky’ (not to you but definitely to your eyeshadow) surface for the eyeshadow to adhere to to prevent creasing. It also improves the vibrancy of the colors and absorbs oily residue.

Finally, where and how do I apply it to maximize the results?

A: I’m so glad you asked. I like to use my finger because I’m lazy and don’t like to clean paste off my brushes and because it’s always right there (even i haven’t managed to misplace my fingers). As with any product applied around your eye area use your ring finger. This finger is the weakest so it is the best to use on wrinkle prone areas. If your primer comes with a doe foot applicator you could also use that. Gently rub the primer from your lid up to your brow bone, paying careful attention to your lash line. If you’re just going to wear eye liner (no eyeshadow) just apply on your lid.

There are tons of eyeshadow primers out there. Top of the line and drugstore value. I have tried just a smattering but although the ones i tried ranged in price form $27 to $5 I haven’t noticed much difference in the effectiveness. Some of the lower end ones were a little irritating (I have rather sensitive eyes) but all of them had great staying power. If I had to recommend one I would say Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion in ‘original’ ~$20. But I’ve also heard great things about ELF primers and am anxious to try them. $2-$4. I’ll definitely do a review when I finally get some.

This is such a big step in looking stunning all day. It is especially helpful if you are going to workout or be hot and sweaty but still want to look great. Next time you try and ignore that  eyeshadow primer (and don’t think I won’t know) think of all the benefits, and if you can still skip it I give up. Enjoy your creased eyeshadow to the fullest, and if I know you in person I will try to keep myself from wincing (at least ‘out loud’).

Btw, a little off topic but does anyone know whether ‘eyeshadow’ is one word or two? I googled it and got both answers. What is  your opinion?


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