I feel like I’ve been blogging all week, but that’s a good thing. I know this is only my 3rd post but it takes more work to blog then I could’ve ever imagined before I actually did it. (if you don’t believe me check out this blog post on How to Write a Blog Post. Hint: he suggests a minimum of 2,000 words!) I’m always looking for new ideas to blog about so if you have any questions or suggestions PLEASE comment.


I love to do party makeup, or prom makeup, or Holiday glamour looks. I could probably do a different glitzy look for everyday of the year. But really, who goes to that many parties? (If you do please comment. I want to hang out with you.) So today I’m going to show you my everyday makeup look. I typically wear a variation of this about 4x a week. It is super simple and if you do it often enough, pretty quick. I didn’t have the time or the patience for a video tutorial today (after the 43rd take I get pretty frustrated), but please let me know whether you prefer videos or pictures. I think there’s pros and cons to both but that’s  another story.

Before: (left)I always wondered what the people behind my favorite beauty blogs really looked like. Well now you know. This is me sans makeup and Photoshop. Yes, beauty bloggers use Photoshop.

Eyeshadow Primer and Setting  Spray: (right) Don’t skip this step unless you want your makeup to wear off in less  time then it took you to put it on. I am using Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow primer potion in original.




Eyeshadow 1: (left) Apply a nude eyeshadow from your lid to your eyebrow to set the primer and even out skin tone and hide veins.

Eyeshadow 2: (right) Give your crease more definition with a medium brown shade. Blend up to your brow bone and outwards towards, not to, the end of your eyebrows. If you have a hard time applying eyeshadow evenly on your self because you can keep your one eye closed better than the other, try looking down into a mirror instead of straight  ahead. Your head should still be facing forward but your eyes are looking down smoothing your crease and making eyeshadow application a breeze.


Eyeshadow 3: (left) Highlight your eyes with a shimmery or white shadow (white shadow???? Oh the ironies of life) in the inner corners of your eye, the very center of the ball of your eye, and just beneath your eyebrow. Blend well. I like to use a big fluffy brush in windshield wiper motions to blend my eyeshadow.

Conceal: (right) Use  your ring finger to apply concealer in an inverted (upside down) triangle shape under your eyes. This will not only cover  your dark circles better, by bouncing more light upwards, but it will also highlight your cheekbones. Always choose a concealer at least 1 shade lighter that your skin tone.


Blend: (left)This is the best way to make sure your makeup looks natural and effortless (no one wants to look like they had to spend 2 hours to look that good right?). Bad blending jobs are the number 1 most common mistake I see people make regarding makeup. So blend blend blend.

Foundation: (right) For the most natural look use a brush, for better coverage try a sponge. I don’t like to use my fingers at all, but if you do go right ahead. I usually wear powder foundation as I have extremely oily, acne-prone skin. My favorite (as of right now) is Bare Minerals foundation in ‘Ready’.



Contour:  This is my favorite step because it adds so much warmth and dimension to my face. Start by applying it under your jawline, add some just under your cheek bones then sweep upward to your temple in a ‘C’ shape. I am using Bare Minerals Mineral Powder in ‘Warmth’.



Highlight: The thing to remember when you are highlighting or contouring is you just want to build on the dimension you already have. Highlight where light hits you and contour to accent the shadows.



Blush: Another  step to brighten and add life to your face. I only started wearing blush recently and boy has it made a difference. It gives me that I’ve-been-having-fun-all-day look. For a super natural look, start with a peach more flesh toned blush swept from the apples of your cheeks to your hairline, then dust a more pinky/coral-ish tone on top. If you  have trouble finding your ‘apples’ smile. They’re the fullest part.







Eyebrows: (left) Your eyebrows are  sooooo important. Every beauty blogger is ranting about this though and you are probably sick of hearing people talk about this so I won’t anymore, but rest assured i am going to do a post (or 2) on eyebrows soon and I’m not going to hold back at all. Forewarned is forearmed they say, so be ready. I am using Revlon’s brow fantasy in dark brown. I love it for trips or when I’m in a hurry because it is compact and has gel and a pencil.

Lashes: (right) Curl your eyelashes and apply a coat or two of your favorite mascara.


Finishing Touches: Add a spritz of setting spray or set your makeup with powder. Look great and enjoy your day!

Here I’m wearing Maybelline’s lash sensational mascara, which has a great comb-like brush that separates the lashes and really maximizes their impact. For an all natural setting spray recipe click here.

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