It is rare that I find a new (to me) brand of makeup…and fall in love so completely. And the price is unbeatable. Usually I find that cheaper eyeshadow is either gummy or dusty, but this was really smooth and creamy. Morphe was super easy to apply, blended easily, and lasted 12+ hours (with or without primer).

I am also super impressed with how genuine the colors are, meaning they look, on my skin, like I would expect after seeing them in the palette. Right now, as far as I know, you can only get Morphe online here. This is a little disappointing as I’m really like to view makeup in person. However it is convenient since I live a couple of hours from the nearest cosmetics store. #smalltownlife

I will certainly be getting more from Morphe soon. I have my eye on this great smoky palette, I love the addition of blues and teals to balance all the blacks and grays.

Let me know if you try and Morphe and what you think.

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