When I first saw these trios, I was super excited to try them. I have heard a lot about Smashbox, mostly good, and this was their first product I’ve tried. I have to say I’m a little disappointed. The colors, a mix of Smashbox’s shadows are gorgeous, and there is a great mix of shimmery vs matte. However, the texture is rather dusty so it’s hard to be very precise. Also, without a primer, the color is nearly invisible within a couple hours. I ALWAYS use a primer (click here to find out why) so I still use them fairly regularly, as there are so many really usable colors. I rarely find that all the colors in a palette or set of palettes are flattering on my skin, but these are all great.

These are great palettes to take on trips as they each have enough colors for 2-3 unique looks as well as a blush/bronzer, which is just one last thing to pack. Below there is a mini tutorial on how I do a plum smoky eye using the middle palette.

Start with 1 in your crease and blended up to your brow bone. Next take 2 and apply it on your lid. Finish with either 3 or 3 in a ‘V’ shape on the outer corner of your eye. Blend the final color up to create soft wings.

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