My mom is sucker for adds. If you can get her undivided attention for over 1 minute you can sell her virtually anything under the sun. I guess I shouldn’t make too much fun of her because I like to reap the benefits (no more washing the floor on my hands and knees thanks to our new all-in-one steam cleaner! Yeah! It can even do your mattresses or iron your clothes. Not that we iron. lol) This is her latest splurge.

A peel-off masque that will make your family laugh at you. I have to say this masque is living proof to the old adage ‘it hurts to be beautiful’. It was THE MOST painful thing I’ve ever tried skincare wise. After slathering the goopy black paste all over your face - minus your eyes, mouth, and hairline (you can’t really see it in this picture but on the sides of my face I got a little too close to my hairline and paid for it when I tried to remove it. OW!) - then allowing it too dry for 20-30 min proceed to rip off the masque along with your outer layer of dead skin cells. Caution: Not for wimps. I really love how smooth is made my skin though. It tightened and cleansed my pores and was a great exfoliator all over. My skin felt rejuvenated and looked brighter after the redness disappeared.

This was supposed to be a natural masque, however I found that several ingredients, including PEG-8, Polyvinyl Alcohol, and Methylparaben, may increase your risk of cancer, cause allergic reactions, or have other harmful side affects. These ingredients are pretty standard for the skin care/makeup industry, but I’m not too sure why this masque was advertised as natural. Personally, this is not a big deal as I’m used to the fact that most affordable, practical (products that actually work) cosmetics contain some potentially harmful ingredients. However you may feel differently and if you are a strict all-natural guru I probably wouldn’t recommend this. Please let me know what you think of natural cosmetics, and if you would consider trying this.

Make sure you apply a thick layer especially around the edges to make the removal easier.


  • Leaves skin feeling silky smooth
  • Removes blackheads
  • Helps shrink pores
  • quick delivery
  • Pretty inexpensive ($8 for 50 mL ~4 full-face masques)


  • Painful!
  • Not (what I’d call) natural
  • Very…strange fragrance, if I had to pick one word to describe it I would say ‘fake’

This will probably never be a favorite but I like it pretty well, and I’m sure I will use my fair share of what’s left.

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