Makeup Hacks are quick, fun ways to improve your makeup game. On Makeup Hack Monday, I share my favorite hack of the week with you. Most hacks are done using  products you already have, applied in a new way or for an unexpected quick fix. So lets get started with this  week’s hack.

If you have an old lipstick or two (or, if your like me and NO lipstick seems to suit you, a hundred) lying around that you don’t use because the color is just a little off or just doesn’t look great with your skin tone, this hack is for you. If you’re anything like me  you never actually get around to returning them (if you can) so they pile up in your bottom drawer. Now’s the time to pull them out. I have to be honest, before I started doing this hack I literally NEVER wore lipstick. Like ever. But with this one simple step using stuff you already have, you can change all those unused sticks into go-to favorites.

So are you ready for secret recipe that will transform your life…er… lips?

In a word, Foundation. Yes, foundation.

Dab a pin-head size drop of liquid foundation (or concealer) on the back of your hand, smear the offensive lipstick onto your index finger, combine, then apply to  you lips with a brush (for extreme precision) or  your finger (for extreme convenience).

Viola! a personalized lip shade that perfectly complements your complexion.


Below is the lipstick applyed normally. By itself a really pretty shade but against my skin it looks really harsh and unflattering.

Let me know how this works for you. Do you have any favorite makeup hacks?


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