Today’s lovely victim…er…model is one of my best friends. We’ve been through so much together during the 16, almost 17!, years. Growing up with her has been a blast, we’ve come a long way from the two girls who used to fight over our favorite paper doll. I’m still not sure how our parents survived us, because there sure hasn’t been many dull moments.


I knew I wanted to highlight Mia’s gorgeous lips when I asked her if I could give her a makeover, so I created the look knowing a warm summery face with glossy coral  lips would be my end result.


Because of her Asian heritage Mia has what I call half mono-lids. Kind of a mix between Asian eyes and American eyes. They’re are also partly hooded, so I used a shimmery champange color all over her lid to bring it forward and  a slightly darker shimmery color in her crease. Asians are the one exception to the ‘no shimmer in your crease’ rule. To finish her eyes I defined her brows  lightly  with powder and set them with a  brow building gel.

After applying an HD foundation, I did a soft contour, applyed a small amount of coral blush to her cheek bones, and layered highlighter on top.

I completed the look with a coral lipstick with purplely undertones. I blotted it really well, then added a  pink gloss over the top.

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