Just recently I became a Sephora Beauty Insider. I was amazed at the benefits. In addition to the three free samples they offer to all their online customers, beauty insiders get a free deluxe sample* with every online order, a free birthday gift, and a point for every dollar spent at any Sephora location. Your points are redeemable for all sorts of fun stuff, starting at just 100 points! Although I haven’t been signed up more than a month, I have to admit I’m well on my way to my first free item!!

I know what you’re thinking. How much? At least that was my first thought. Would you believe it’s free? I couldn’t either. There really isn’t any catch. They don’t even send you a million annoying emails. All you have to do is sign up here or next time you visit Sephora in person to start.

If you are a serious fashionista you might even qualify for the status of Very Important Beauty Insider (VIB) or VIB Rouge, where the benefits just multiply. Including free two day shipping (rouge only), custom makeovers, and more. Rouge’s even get invites to exclusive events.

If you spend $350 at sephora in one year you are automatically upgraded to a VIB. To be a Rouge is a little more expensive at $1000 a year, but the rewards are amazing.

Did you know about this awesome rewards program? Let me know if you are in the Sephora Beauty Club and what your status is!!!

*search for ‘beauty deals’ on Sephora.com for promo codes

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