What is a better way to welcome the first official week of summer than a new blog series?? I say official because here in TN it has felt like summer since early April. For each of the summer months I’m going to share 3 makeup looks for vacation. As you can tell this month’s focus is beach makeup. I’ll share tips on how to match your lipstick to your suit, the right way to bronze for summer, and more. These three looks would be great for a long weekend spent at the shore tanning, hanging out with friends or playing volleyball. Plus they make the transition from fun in the sun to night on the town a cinch. Just add a pair of falsies or a red lipstick.

Bronzed Beauty

If I could sum up summer makeup in one word it would be bronzer. I don’t mean the chiseled cheekbone look, but the I’ve-just-had-fun-in-the-sun glow. Since we all know how damaging the sun’s rays are to our skin, I can’t excuse getting a real face tan. But it is so easy to fake this look with bronzer.











Step 1-

Start by applying a light layer of foundation. I never thought I would like liquid foundation over my favorite mineral powder for the summer. However, during my last trip to Sephora I picked up a bottle of Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea full coverage foundation and I absolutely love it. It’s water based so it feels super lightweight, yet it has really great coverage.

After a minute of being absorbed by your skin, you can hardly feel it. You can layer it for more coverage, but it never gets cakey or greasy. The best part is that it is waterproof. I wasn’t really looking for a waterproof formula, but now that I’ve tried it I am never going to buy anything else, at least for summer. The first two times I wore it were for a lamb show and an ultimate Frisbee game. I sweated buckets both days and wiped my face on my sleeve numerous times (did I really just admit that?), and my foundation did. not. move. Did I mention I love this foundation? #totalinfatuation

Step 2-

For this look I did a soft brown smokey eye. After primer set your lids with a flesh colored base coat.

Beach Makeup: How to do your makeup for your next vacation at the shore.
Please don’t jab yourself in the eye as it appears I am trying to do! #selfportraits













Start building out your crease with a warm taupe shade. Blend really well and build up the intensity slowly. Add a darker brown to shade your crease even more. The darker the eyeshadow you are applying, the slower you need to build the color up. You never want any defined lines, so layer and blend.

Blend the same two colors under your eye for extra definition making sure you blend them up to meet the shadow above your eye. All the shadows I used for this look were from the Smashbox Art. Love. Color. collection in the 1st palette. (read a full review here)

Step 3-

Give your eyebrows some definition, here I used powder but pencil would work or just gel if you have full eyebrows already.

Step 4-

Next is bronzer. Using a big fluffy blush or foundation brush, dust a bronzer on the high points of your face. I like to use a bronzer that has a little shimmer or sheen to it. Right now I’m using Bare Mineral Mineral Powder in shade Warmth. This stuff has the perfect amount of shimmer. It add a super natural glow to your face with out making you look sparkly. It doesn’t last as long as I’d like, but I have pretty high standards.

Make sure to use translucent powder before you apply any powders over liquid or cream foundation or you will get a streaky finish. When you apply a bronzer in the traditional way (vs. using it to contour) you want to apply it where to sun would hit you. So tops of the cheekbones, along the top of the forehead, down the bridge of your nose, and on the tip of your chin.

Bronzer Tip - If your neck and décolletage is still a winter white, be sure to dust some bronzer on your neck, along your collar bones, and on the tops of your shoulders for a unified look.

Step 6-

Finally apply a nude lipstick and some waterproof mascara. If there is any chance you might get wet, waterproof mascara is a must. If you don’t like how it dries your lashes or that it is sooooo hard to remove, layer it over regular mascara. Just make sure you do both the top and the bottom of your lashes.

The Bold Lip

Nothing screams summer to me quite like a bright pink lip. It so fun and girly. But pink isn’t the only color that would look great on the shore. The most important thing is getting a color that goes with your suit. You don’t want your lipstick to be the exact color of your suit, rather you want them to compliment each other. Blue look really great with pinks and raspberry, green looks stunning with reds and corals, and plum looks amazing with anything that’s light and bright.

My suit is navy so this color looks amazing with it (it’s actually pinker than it looks). Black and white suits look great with any color, and the brighter the better. Florals are the hardest to work with because they are all so different. What looks good with that one would be horrendous with this one. A good rule of thumb is to pick out the main color and go one shade darker or lighter (if it’s a pink, red, coral, or any other color you might wear on your mouth) or pick a coordinating shade (if it’s none of the a fore mentioned ones).

Step 1-

For this look I started with a wash of shimmery shadow, black eyeliner and mascara. During the day you want to make sure your makeup has one focus. Emphasizing you eyes and lips at the same time looks like over kill.

Step 2-

Don’t forget your eyebrows. The key to rocking a bold lips is to balance it out with a structured brow. Here I used Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Wiz in soft brown.I really like this pencil. It is soft and buildable and the spoolie on the other end is handy. I wonder how long it will last though, being so soft, I seem to twist it up all the time. Once it does run out I’ll have to let you know. Besides that though, I think it is a really great pencil whether you want to draw in a completely new brow or just want to add some depth and definition to what you’ve got.

Step 3-

You can add a little blush to you cheeks for this look but just be careful to use a light hand or it could easily look like too much. What I like to do is use a nice shimmery highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones and on the bridge of my nose, for a glowy effect.

Step 4-

Finish with lipstick, liquid or otherwise and be sure to line your lips for a precise edge. Remember to chose a color that suits your suit, cover-up, or whatever you plan on wearing. Here I’m wearing Low Key from caked makeup.

Au Naturel

This is probably the easiest look of the three. This is a great look for those of us who like to enjoy their vacation to the fullest with fuss-free makeup. Pair this look with beachy waves and cute cover-up and you’ll be ready for anything.

Step 1-

For this look, a natural base is essential. There are so many great options out their depending on how much coverage you want and how much you want to spend. From a BB cream to full coverage foundation the choice is yours. Just pick something that is hydrating and hopefully contains SPF (Rainforest of the sea is SPF 15 wink emoji).

Step 2-

Add a little waterproof brown eyeliner, really working it into the base of your lashes for to thicken them up. And don’t forget your waterproof mascara. When you do your eyebrows for this look the best option is a powder. Powders tend to look more natural and they’re way faster to apply. If all you have is a pencil go buy some powder. Just Kidding. But really, this isn’t one of those products you have to buy high-end. My brow powder is just $3.99 online or you can find it at Walmart for $6.17. If you do for some odd reason end up using a pencil, just make sure you use a really light hand. Try to fill in your brows with short curves strokes that imitate real hairs.

Step 3-

These last two steps really need to be personalized to you so I will give you some pointers but please view them as suggestions not rules. First, apply some color to your cheeks. If you really like the first look you could use bronzer, but I prefer blush for a little more diversity. The color you apply is up to you, for natural or no-makeup makeup I like to stick to pinks corals and peaches. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend up towards your ear and downwards towards your jaw. This will create the most natural flush.

Step 4-

Now is the really fun step. What to do on your lips. I really hate wearing stuff on my lips, it is either to dry or it wears off or the color looks funny and glosses get hair all over them. I will probably end up being the first makeup artist who hates lipstick. If I had to pick on I would probably go with a gloss or a liquid lipstick since those are generally the the most hydrating. I usually wear my hair back anyways, but I tend to stick to tinted balms. Whatever you want to do is great, just remember to keep it simple and low key as this is a natural look.

Here I am wearing Power Supply a plush glass by MAC. I love the invigorating tingle it has.

So you finally made it to the end of this super long post. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share in the comments below if you’re going on vacation this summer, and if so, where.

Stay tuned, next month’s theme is Camping Craze!!!

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  1. I’m going to WI next week for our bi-annual family reunion! We are camping and I am planning on playing paintball, volley ball, and jail break with my 25 cousins!

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