What can give a faster confidence boost than a swipe of mascara. Although everyone is beautiful with or without makeup, a little help from a ‘magic’ wand never hurt anyone. But chances are you aren’t letting that wand achieve its full potential. You may long for longer more luscious eyelashes never knowing they were within your reach. Today all of that changes. With these 8 mascara hacks you will learn everything you need to know to achieve the lashes of your dreams.

Mascara Hack #1 — Heat it up

Get the steam rolling with this super hot mascara hack. Use your blow dryer to heat up your eyelash curler to make your curl last longer. Test the temp on your wrist before curling, to prevent eyelid burns. To lazy to get your blow dryer out? Just stick your eyelash curler inside your bra when you start your makeup. By the time you need it, it will be all warm and toasty.

Mascara Hack #2 — 3rd Time’s a Charm

For the longest, curliest lashes possible, curl them three times. Start as close to your eyelid as you can get, after 2-3 seconds of a solid squeeze, release and move to the middle of your lashes, repeat then finish by curling the tips. Make sure you grab all your lashes for all three curls, especially the outer ones.

Mascara Hack #3 — Chin to Chest

For easy acess to your lower lashes (which you should do first BTW), tilt your chin down towards your chest and look straight ahead. This will help you avoid coating your under eye skin with mascara, which will not improve your look.

Mascara Hack #3 — Bendy Wendy

Trouble with smudging? I remember when I first started wearing mascara (wow that feels like a long time ago) I thought I was doing good if I could count the number of times I bumped my eyelid or nose on one hand. It took longer to fix all the smears than it took to apply it in the first place! If you can relate, this simple hack will change your life. All you have to do is bend your mascara wand. I promise it won’t break. It is so much easier to use at this angle, especially for your ‘off ‘ eye. (the one across from your dominate hand). When you’re done just stick it back in the tube and screw it on tight.

Mascara Hack #4 — Get Movin’ and Groovin’

Want volume? Try this. As you’re applying your first coat of mascara wiggle your wand left and right as you brush through your lashes. This will help coat the sides as well as the bottom of your lashes, making voluptuous lashes reality. Make sure you keep wiggling all the way to the end of your lashes.

Mascara Hack #5 — Up and Down and All-Around

Coat the top of your lashes. Not your top lashes, the top of your lashes. Before this coat drys sweep another coat on the bottom so you don’t ruin your perfect curl. To avoid smudges look downwards while keeping your chin up.

Mascara Hack #6 Double Trouble

You can only pack so much power in one mascara tube. Although lots of formulas claim to be all-in-one (lengthing, volumizing, and curling) I haven’t ever found one that really lived up to it. But don’t let that get in the way of the lashes of your dreams. Using two mascaras with different strengths is so effective. My favorite is to start with a lengthening then layer a volumizing on top. Read about my top mascara picks here.

Mascara Hack #7 Switch Directions

For your final coat of mascara, Turn you wand virtically to add an extra touch to the outside corner and the tips of your eyelashes. This is why I like my wands to have bristles on the end. This mascara has my favorite wand.

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