Who doesn’t love a bargain? Until  that bargain turns into more than you bargained for. Drugstore makeup has improved immensely in the past couple years. Many even  can compete with their high-end counter  parts. There is one product that i have yet to find a  good drugstore option for yet though. Eyeshadow. I have yet to buy a drugstore eyeshadow that isn’t dusty or gummy or super lightly pigmented. Nothing even is close to being a suitable substitute for my more expensive palettes. I firmly believe that eyeshadow is a you-get-what-you-pay-for deal. These Elf eyeshadow duo s  unfortunately confirmed that for me.

I picked these up on a spur of the moment decision as the colors looked really fun but still usable for everyday. However these duos are more work than they’re worth. First off, you absolutely cannot use these eyeshadows without a primer. Even if you pack a ton of powder on, the color payoff is terrible. Worse, what little bit does show up, has dissolved and creased within hours. A primer helps, but there is still very light pigment.

Now if you just like a light wash of color over your lids to give your face some color these might work for you. They are for sure really easy on the pocket book and in conveinent little cases. However I like a shadow whose intensity can be built up. So these didn’t work at all for me.

There is a trick that can help you, if you have bought cheap eyeshadow (or just bad eyeshadow, not all name brand stuff is all it’s cracked up to be) or don’t have a big spot in your budget for expensive eyeshadow. Use it wet. When you apply your eyeshadow with a wet brush it intensifies the color and makes it easier to pack on. Just spritz your brush with some water, wipe the excess off (you want it pretty wet, just not dripping) on your hand then apply your eyeshadow as usual. You may find it is harder to blend, but if you wait until it drys you will have a much easier time.

As a closing note, I did like the brush that came with the set. It is double ended with an eyeshadow brush on one side and a pencil eyeliner on the other. The brush is the perfect size, smaller than a typical crease/blending brush but big enough to be efficient. I also like the flat design of it. It can be used the wide way to apply color on the lid and to blend. Also, if you turn it the narrow way it works great to add definition to your crease or add smudged eyeliner. The eyeliner is fine. Pretty much the same as every other drugstore eyeliner. It has good pigmentation and smudges well, but doesn’t compare at all to my favorite liner, being too hard and harsh on my eyes.

It’s pretty sad that the best part of this eyeshadow set is the brush that came as a bonus. Guess I’ll have to stick to my ‘higher end shadow only’ pact. Do you use drugstore eyeshadow? What are some products you would never buy at the drugstore? Only buy at the drugstore? Let me know in the comments below.

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