I know I promised you this post over a month ago. But better late than never right?

If I could sum up a facial in one word, it would be pure heaven… OK that’s two but you get it. There’s nothing on earth quite like getting a facial. It’s relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating… I could literally come up with adjectives that describe a facial for years. But really that wouldn’t help you. You want to know concrete facts. First this happens, then this, next is… I totally get it. But that might not stop me from drooling over it a little.

First a little technical info. Obviously there as many different types of facials as there are spas (ok maybe not quite that many). Lymphatic massage, microdermabrasion, brightening, hydrating, and old faithful, the classic facial. I went to a esthetician in Paducha, Ky for my facial, which was a 60 min deep clean/microdermabrasion/massage facial with a little anti aging thrown in for good measure. I really got the works!

The Atmosphere

Close your eyes and think of somewhere warm and moist, filled with aromas of cedar wood and musky citrus, lit by a dim glow, filled with products to clean and nourish your skin. If you can’t think of anywhere like I just described it’s because you haven’t ever had a facial. I would highly encourage you to get one, but do your research first and find out what that particular facial includes so you don’t waste your money. Now lie back and prepare for the ride.

Getting a Facial: Step 1

I’m sure you’ve heard of dual cleansing. It’s where you start with an oil cleanser to loosen dirt and grime then follow that with a water based cleanser to cut grease. I’ve tried that (didn’t think it was really worth all the extra effort), but never before had I gotten my face cleaned with 4 cleansers. I was so in the moment I’m not exactly for sure how many cleanser were involved but it was definitely 4 or more. And this wasn’t the 30 second cleanse I give my face every morning. It involved light facial massage, and a face brush cleansing tool that felt A-Hmazing. I could’ve died. Just kidding

Getting a Facial: The Next Step

Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation of your skin on a micro level. Tiny pieces of diamond, crystal, or another exfoliant are blown into your pores then suctioned off, bringing with them dead skin and gunk from deep inside your skin. It has all the benefits of a regular exfoliation: skin brightening, scar fading, pore cleaning, and the reveal of fresh skin layers, but it’s many times more effective. Regular treatments can also help clear surface acne and improve/prevent fine lines. Although, treatments vary in the feel of the procedure (some are rummered to be quite painful), mine felt really invigoration. It wasn’t at all painful; it just felt like my face was getting cleaned with a mini vacuum.

Getting a Facial: The Best Part

By far the most enjoyable part of my facial was the facial massage. The esthetician I went to did this in two parts. First she put a thick gel mask on my face that she had added serums to for a super-personal blend. After she had massaged that into my face for about 10 min she gently rinsed it off, then applied a light moisturizing cream into my skin to seal in all that moisture. She then massaged my face to help any congestion drain and to stimulate blood flow. It felt so good I almost fell asleep. If you’ve had a massage and you’re thinking ‘massage? I don’t remember that part.’ You have missed out. Many Facials nowadays are merely a application and removal of various products and treatments with out any of the fun part. However, many salons/facialist claim to offer the whole package, but to be sure of satisfaction, ask around among some of their previous customers to find out what the facial really includes.

So there’s a brief overview of what to expect when getting a facial. Overall the experience was wonderful and relaxing. Some parts less so (when have extractions ever been fun?), but I would totally recommend trying it at least once. Make sure you book early, really good facialists could be booked out for 4 months!

P.S. New to facials? make sure to use the restroom before you go. laying in a heated bed for an hour can really affect your control of your bladder. LOL

Have you ever had a facial? What did you think? Would you go again?

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