I love doing these Makeup Hack Monday posts. It’s always so fun to share little tips and tricks that can make your beauty routine easier and better. I would love it if you would share some of your favorite beauty hacks in the comments. I love testing them out. This week’s hack is the best foundation hack if you want absolutely flawless skin.

I’m going to be honest with you, foundation has always personally been the hardest part of makeup to master. (I’m still not there yet) There are so many things that you can get wrong color, texture, coverage… the list seems endless. At one time or another it seems like I’ve committed every mistake there is to commit with foundation. I’ve worn formulas that were too light, too dark, too cakey, too yellow, and on and on. But the mistake I’ve commited for the longest is bad application.

I’ve tried brushes, sponges, my fingers, but no matter how I put that stuff on my face I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. It wasn’t terrible by any means but, the end result was always a little too fake. And maybe too real at the same time. (sounds bad huh?) I mean it looked kind of cakey and mask-like but it didn’t cover my pores or redness. Finally I realized that the problem started before I even opened my foundation bottle. I had been jumping the gun and neglecting all the important prep work that goes into a smooth complexion.

The Secret

I’m not just talking about primer.

While important, that is not my life-changing (or should

I say face-changing) foundation hack to share with you today. The secret is… ice. Ice? like the stuff you put in your cup to keep your drinks cold? The stuff you never have enough of on a summer vacation at the beach? You mean like…Frozen Water!?!?!?

In short. Yeah. just regular old ice is the key to the foundation of your dreams. Don’t denounce me as a lunatic. It actually makes perfect sense. Ice will depuff your face (goodbye eye bags) and close your pores providing a smooth surface to apply foundation to. It also allows your foundation or primer to adhere better and last longer. I’m not quite sure why this works but it totally does.

So before you apply your foundation and primer tomorrow, and after your moisturizer, run an ice cube over your face as long as you can stand. (did you know you can get a freeze headache from the outside? me neither.) Then quickly pat your face dry on a tissue and apply your primer and foundation as normal.


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