Calling all Ipsters. IPSY has just announced a new benefit for all their subscribers: IPSY Cash! Now, when you shop through the links provided on, you can earn real cash back on all your makeup/skincare purchases. You can choose to have this money either deposited into your paypal account or mailed to you (each month??) in a check. Yeah! #justonemorereason

For those of you that are new to IPSY, it is a beauty bag subscription for only $10 a month. Each month they send you 5 products, both full size and deluxe samples, personalized to you based on how your filled out their makeup survey. It’s a really great way to build your makeup arsenal and try new brands/products for really cheap. From  my experience the bags’ average retail value is about $55. Plus, every month they send your products in a (usually) cute makeup bag. Want to join the club? Sign up here.

This month’s theme was ‘Good Vibes Only’, and for the first time (as far as I know) they have 3 glam bag designs. I didn’t have a strong favorite among the three, but I really didn’t want the darkest one (I think it said ‘wild and free’). As you can see I didn’t get that one so I’m happy with that, but not as happy as I am with some of my products

Here are the reviews of my five August IPSY products.

Hikari Shimmer Bronzer Quad in shade Flush


I don’t know if you know this but I am a shimmery bronzer junkie. Something about that tanned glow just warms my heart. Thank you IPSY! I really love that this bronzer has two pink tones in with it. You can use all four colors mixed together or each side separately. I like to use the coral side to build out my cheek bones then add a touch of the pink side as a highlighter. The pigmentation of this product isn’t the best I’ve ever seen but it is decent. deluxe sample 4.0g - ~$8.50




Juliette Has a Gun fragrance - Not a Perfume


I have to be honest, this smells more like cologne than perfume to me. Not feminine and florally or soft and sweet smelling or even spicy and sexy. When I smell it it makes me think of strength, power, muscle… which some women out there might enjoy, but it’s not really what I’m looking smelling for when I buy perfume. ~$14.00





Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara



I’ve been sitting on top of the mountain, so to speak, on whether I would put Make Up For Ever as a brand into my like/love category. This mascara was definitely a push in the right direction. The brush was really slim and the bristles had little hooks on the end to grab all those hard to reach lashes. Plus the mascara itself was super black and not at all flaky. It layered really well for good volume and added a good amount of length as well. Really happy with this IPSY pick. deluxe sample/travel size ~$9.50







Paula Dorf Universal Brow Pencil in shade Taupe

First off, I have no idea why this shade is called taupe. It looks medium brown in the pencil and looks really reddish brown when you apply it. That was it’s biggest mistake, showing up red. I don’t know why this is so common for brow pencils, but lots of them that look brown, go on with a strong red undertone. When I applied this it looked very awful because of it. It would probably look fine on a redhead or an auburn but alas I am neither. The second problem with this pencil is the texture. It is so soft that it’s super hard to apply precisely and if you try to blend it with a spoolie it smears every where. Obviously the end result is a disaster. I hate to totally slam a product like that without at least mentioning any redeeming point it might have had, however, I couldn’t find any about this product. I’m sure I will never use it again. Deluxe sample (couldn’t find this exact item for sale but based on the price of similar items from Paula Dorf I estimated) ~$3.00


The Balm Cosmetics Eyeshadow Single in Willkommen


I really liked this eyeshadow from theirnew palette ‘The Balm Voyage Vol II’. I actually thought about buying this palette last time I walked past it in… Ulta?? before I got this sample. After using this eyeshadow, I’m even more inclined to get it than before. Willkommen is a warm brown tone that is usable for a ton of looks from casual to date night. It has really good pigmentation, and lasts all day. Plus, doesn’t the Balm Cosmetics always have the cutest packaging? This isn’t available apart from the palette so I just guesstimated the value. ~$3.50






Total Retail Value ~$30. It was really hard to calculate a value for this glam bag because none of the products are actually sold in that size or individually. And although this glam bag’s retail value was low for an IPSY bag, it’s still pretty good when you’re paying $10.

Overall this month, I was pretty happy with the products IPSY sent me. I really feel that the longer I have a subscription the better the bags get. Or at least more personalized. If you have a subscription, I would highly recommend, faithfully reviewing your products each month. This will help IPSY pick products more suited to you in the future. Plus you get point that you can redeem for free products.

What did you get in your Aug. IPSY bag? Did you like your bag design?

If you’re not a member and want to sign up Click Here Or check out other glam bag reviews here


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  1. I really liked the picture of Juliette has a gun. Looks like something off of the internet. : ) Which is a compliment you know.

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