Ever since the beauty blender (BB) was first produced 10 years ago, it has taken the beauty world by storm. It was so unlike anything else at the time, and affordable enough for the average American. Thousands, if not millions, of beauty youtubers and bloggers have raved about the beauty blender. Now it’s hard to find a makeup tutorial that doesn’t include one.

I get it. Back in 2007, when it was launched there weren’t any other tools that could give you that airbrushed look, easily achieved with a beauty blender. Now however, every beauty company and their brother makes an egg shaped sponge, claiming the results of the cult favorite beauty blender, and usually at a fraction of the price. But do they really compare?

Beauty Blender vs. Makeup Sponge

In my opinion, no. I wouldn’t trade my beauty blender for 10 other sponges. There is a reason so many people both, pros and amateurs, love this sponge. It is simply amazing. The application is the most flawless of any tools I’ve tried, it really looks airbrushed. Plus, the beauty blender will save you money when you use it wet. Unlike most sponges (meant to be used dry) the BB is formulated to be used damp. This prevents the sponge from soaking up your makeup, and therefore saves you money.

If you’re having trouble getting a good application with your BB make sure you follow the directions. It’s as easy as 1.2.3. 1. Wet the sponge. squeeze the sponge under running water 2-3 times to make sure it is completely saturated. Then squeeze out most of the water and dry it on a clean towel. 2. Bonce. Use a light bouncing motion to apply your makeup. A bonce and roll motion also works well. 3. Clean. This is rather self explanatory. Check below for a link to a post on how to clean your BB

Did you know your Beauty Blender can be used for a lot more than just your liquid and cream foundation? It can apply setting powder, blush, bronzer, and highlighter as well as eye shadow, primer, concealer, and powder foundation. What a multi-tasker!

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So if you’re still not convinced a beauty blender is worth it, consider this. It’s $20. How much more have you spent on brushes/applicators this year? This can do the job of basically all of them. Plus it’s saving you tons of product each time you use it. Just be sure it’s very damp.

Before I bought one, I was really curious if the beauty blenders really get to 2x the size when wet as claimed. I couldn’t tell from most of the videos I’d watched and some reviews said they didn’t. To make it easy for y’all I took the picture below. The BB on the left is dry and the right is damp, they’re both the same distance from the camera. I was really impressed with the results. What do you think?

Don’t forget to regularly clean your beauty blender same as your brushes or other sponges.If you aren’t quite sure how to wash it (I had no idea) check out this post over on bustle.com on how to clean your beauty blender.

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