I’m going to be honest with you. I like to save money as much as the next girl. With makeup I am willing to splurge sometimes (sometimes rather often), but I like to be conservative where I can. And Mascara is definitely a can. Although I do own an high-end mascara (or two or three) and love them, spending that kind of money every 3-6 months starts feeling extravagant. I recently have been really into testing drugstore makeup and believe me I know it’s frustrating to buy bummer products, even if they only cost you a few bucks. So today I have a round-up of all the drugstore mascaras I’ve tried, including both my hits and misses, so you can avoid frustration next time you walk into Walmart for a tube of magic.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

This mascara has a really crazy brush. When I first opened the package

I thought I was really going to hate it. However, it turns out that it works really well. The really short bristles (on the inside of the curve) work really well to work volume into thebase of your lashes, while the longer ones add feathery definition all the way to the tip. Don’t get the wrong picture when I say ‘feathery definition’ this is not another small effect mascara, that is impossible to see. I mean that the brush separates all your lashes for a really full, dramatic look. This is definatily a hit.

Specs: silicon/rubber bristles, varying bristle length, although most are very short, curved wand, $6.99 on target.com


Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume - waterproof

I have yet to find a waterproof mascara that I totally love. This one is

long wearing and definitely waterproof, however it doesn’t add as much definition to my lashes as most regular mascaras do. If I’m going for a bold lash look somewhere I might get wet (or on a really humid day) I’ll layer this over one of my other mascaras. That way I get the length and volume I want and it’s waterproof. For me this was more of a miss. I’ve tried better waterproof formulas and I feel the mascara was rather clumpy. Plus it was on the high end of drugstore mascara prices.

Specs: Silicon bristles, Fat wand, $8.99 at ulta.com




Rimmel Wonder’Lash

This mascara is formulated with Argan oil which conditions your lashes and helps promote growth. If you’re going for a more natural look this mascara is really great also because the Argan oil smooths the mascara and prevents clumps. I was kinda disappointed in the fact that you can’t really layer this mascara very heavily, so if you going for more of a falsies look, I would definitely stay away. However for more laid back days I like using this mascara to give my lashes a break from other drying formulas. This was a hit for me.

Specs: silicone bristles, large-ish wand, lengthening formula $5.79 on target.com


Revlon Mega Multiplier

This mascara committed the arguable most common drugstore mascara mistake. It flakes. Not only that it is really hard to remove. I will say that this mascara will give your lashes a good bit of length, until it all flakes off that is. Add to this, the fact that the brush is so tiny and the bristles are so short that it’s really hard to get a nice application. If you couldn’t tell already, this was a big miss for me.

Specs: small cone shaped wand, nylon bristles, lengthening formula, on sale for $5.69 at target.com regular $5.99




L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black

I’ve saved the best for last. This is by far my favorite of all the drugstore mascaras I’ve tried. It adds serious definition by both lengthening and volumizing my lashes. Plus, it hold a curl the best of all of these, and is the fastest to apply (some of the formulas work best layered on slowly in lots of light coats). I don’t love the brush, but I don’t hate it either and it gets the job done. I really prefer the carbon black for a more dramatic look, but is you’re more of a natural gal, go for the original. This mascara has no flaking and lasts all day.

Specs: nylon bristles, volumizing formula, long wearing, $5.89 at target.com


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