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I have really enjoyed learning about makeup and beauty from other cultures with the surge of k-beauty/skincare that has rocked the western world in the last year or so. The differences are almost comical. Did you know that in Asia women like to add blush under their eyes to add a sleepy look to their face?!?!?! That’s so different from our cultures obsession with covering our dark circles and erasing all signs of lack of sleep. Koreans also like to wing their liner downwards to look more innocent and youthful. Vs. Americans with smart and sassy cat eyes. Who would’ve thought?

However, differences aside, some things hold true world wide. Things like summer heat. And trying to keeping makeup on your face even though it’s 90+ degrees outside. No one, as far as I know, likes the look of makeup dripping off their face. People afflicted with the terrible condition known as oily skin are not limited to any certain region. And If this is you, you know matte foundation is almost a must, no matter what your ethnicity, location, or background.

Getting the perfectly matte face isn’t a piece of cake though. I have often struggled with looking powdery or fake when setting my makeup with translucent powder. Or if you prefer setting spray, it can clog your pores, and in my opinion it’s not as effective. Enter Jamsu.

Jamsu: A Korean makeup hack for getting the perfectly matte face every time

The results of Jamsu are not limited to a matte look however. The water is supposed to repel the powder particles and push then into your skin to create a flawless finish. Also, it’s supposed to create a really smooth surface, that makes applying and blending your blush, bronzer, and eye shadow really easy.

Jamsu involves applying all your liquid base products (primer, foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, etc) and setting your face with powder. You can use either baby powder or translucent setting powder. I prefer setting powder, because it’s hard to find unscented baby powder (would that be just straight corn starch???), and I feel like the fragrance would probably irritate my skin. After you’ve dusted on a good amount of powder, dunk your face in a bowl of ice water for a total of 30 seconds. I usually do 3, 10 second periods.

What? To get a perfectly matte face you dunk it in a bowl of water??? Won’t it wash my makeup off? If you’re anything like me, you have one eyebrow raised and look of skepticism written plainly across your face. But just think

about it for a minute. How many weird are even arcane sounding makeup hacks have you tried that actually worked? My list is pretty extensive.

side note: make sure you can hold your breath underwater without plugging your nose before you try it. Or you will end up like me with a nose and lungs full of ice water. cough! cough!

So you give it a try. What happens? Keep reading to find out what happened to me, besides the inhalation of about a gallon of ice water.

The Verdict

I really love the results. Jamsu leaves your skin feeling really soft making blending a breeze. Plus, it really makes your makeup last forever. I played over an hour of volleyball in 90° weather and my makeup did. not. move. And that was after I had already been wearing it for a couple of hours. But my favorite part was that it hid my larger pores on my cheeks and nose better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

For the  best results, here are a couple suggestions.

  1. It works best it you do it as recommended. i.e. you have oily skin. One of the times I did it I hadn’t moisturized the night before or that morning (gasp!), because I forgot. My skin was quite a bit drier than usual and I noticed it didn’t work as well. It left my face looking kind of powdery.
  2. This works on all kinds of foundation from super glowy to matte. Yay!
  3. Don’t over powder. I watched some tutorials where people applied a super thick layer of powder to their face before dunking, however this tends to leave a residue (besides wasting product). It easy to buff the extra off afterwards, but why make more work for yourself?
  4. It’s not the lazy route. If you never spend more than 5 minutes putting on your makeup in the morning, this isn’t the hack for you. It doesn’t take forever, but it involves getting a bowl, filling it with ice water, dunking for 30 seconds, then washing and putting the bowl away. For me that’s too much effort for everyday, but would indefinably work for occasions where I need to be able to depend on my foundation.
Comment below if you would try Jamsu

I had a lot of fun, and a lot of brain freezes, trying this. My rating is A-. It works really well, but takes a little effort. What is your favorite hack for matte makeup?

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