The Naked palettes have long been cult favorites of people nationwide. And with good reason. They are long lasting, super blendable, and easy to apply. Not to mention they are packed full of gorgeous hues in the perfect mix of shimmer, matte, and sparkly. But nothing can be perfect forever, and the question of the day is… Did the Naked Smokey Palette, the 4th launch of the collection, live up to the expectations?

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We’ll start with the basics. There are 4 matte shades, which are great for setting your primer and adding definition to your crease, 3 barely-there-shimmer shades, that look amazing on your lid or when used to highlight under your eyebrow, and 5 sparkly shadows, which I like to use for an inner corner highlight or packed on the center of your lid.

Like all the other Naked palettes this one also comes with a dual ended brush. This brush is perfect for creating a smoky eye. (maybe that’s why they included it???) The smokey smudger end is great for packing the color on and the tapered crease brush makes blending a breeze. I personally find the tapered crease side is too big for my crease, but I’m rather fine boned so it might work for you. This isn’t my favorite brush unless I’m doing a full on smokey eye, as the neither side does a great job of defining my crease without getting the shadow too far (tapered crease end) or packing it on so it’s hard to blend out (smokey smudger). That said, the quality of this brush is high and I like how soft the bristles are. As a bonus it’s cruelty free.

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My favorite thing about this palette is it’s versatility. It perfect for traveling, because with this one palette you can create everything from an everyday matte eye to a full on rock chic smokey look. So no matter your preference, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

I think the Naked Smokey Palette really lived up to my expectations at least. All the colors are usable, highly pigmented, and long lasting.

BTW: the Naked Smokey palette is still on sale for 50% off! If you haven’t taken advantage of this deal, don’t wait too long. It has sold out of some stores already, perhaps never to return.


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