The holidays are right around the corner and with them comes dramatic makeup looks. Bold red lips to prepare you for that kiss under the mistletoe, chiseled cheekbones for the inevitable pictures, and of course enormous doe eyes because who doesn’t look good with big eyes.

Lipstick and bronzer are both good in their places, but for me it’s all about the eyes. But if you aren’t blessed with eyes as big as your kid’s will be when they see the pile of presents under the tree this Christmas morning, never fear. Here are the 6 best hacks to get bigger-than-life eyes.

Hack #1 Light and Bright

Start and finish your eye shadow with a light shadow on your lid. The first shadow you should apply is a matte white all over your lid. If you have a darker complexion, go for more of a cream or taupe shade. Then after all your other eye shadow is done, pop a light shimmery champagne color right on the center of your lid to open your eye up.

Hack #2 Layer Up

Use at least two or three transition shades to contour your crease. Start with the lightest shade and extend it all the way to your brow bone and outwards towards the end of your eyebrow. Layer the other shades on, one at a time ending them closer and closer to your crease. This make your eye stand out and appear larger.

Hack #3 Bottoms Up

Don’t forget your bottom lash line. All the shadows you used in your crease should go below your eye as well. To make sure you don’t look like you haven’t slept for the past week, keep all the shadows towards the outside half of your eye and the darkest ones as close to your lash line as possible.

This is a gross example of why you shouldn’t edit pictures in the dark! I deleted the original before I noticed or I would never have posted this.

Hack #4 Toe the Line

… or not. I had the hardest time deciding whether or not to include this hack. Because it doesn’t work on all eye shapes. I (obviously) decided to include it with a warning. If you have hooded eyes I would highly recommend skipping dark eyeliner altogether, if you’re going for the big eye look. It tends to enclose your eye too much and hide your eyelid. I’m not saying you couldn’t or even shouldn’t wear it. It’s just not my preference.

For those of you with out hooded eyes line your top lash line only starting with a really narrow line on the inside corner of you eye and getting thicker as you go out. You can extend into a wing if you want. I typically don’t. Don’t worry about getting your line perfect, because we’re going to smudge it. When you smudge eyeliner (you can use a Q-tip, smudger, or your finger) the idea is to soften the stark line and help it blend in better with your eyeshadow, while keeping it dark at the base of your lashes. So make sure you blend mainly just the top part of the line.

Hack #5 Bright Eyes = Big Eyes

This is an amazing hack, not only for the days when you wear dramatic eye makeup, but for anytime you want to look more awake. It’s hard to tell that your wearing anymore makeup, but it makes a huge difference. With your white eyeliner pencil, line your lower waterline,the inside corner of your eye, and tight line your upper lash line.

This will highlight and open your eyes so much. Some people recommend using a flesh toned pencil, however I prefer white. The result is more dramatic, and if it’s shimmery it adds a sparkle to your eye. As an extra bonus, it will make you look more awake, it’s actually a pretty good stand-in for that 8-hours of sleep your never get. (it may not feel like it but looks are everything right?)

Hack #6 Fake it ’til you make it

Falsies!! These are probably the fastest way to add serious size to your eyes. I like the singles, because the effect is a little more natural and they stay on better. Add a couple clumps to the outside corner of your eye for a real boost.

If don’t like the bother of false lashes, check out these 7 hacks for to-die-for lashes.


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