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With the holiday’s just around the corner, long wear makeup is a must. Whether you are going to a all night party, a dressy dinner right after work, or on an all day shopping spree, you don’t want to be worrying about smeared makeup. Believe me, it takes the fun out of everything. So what’s a girl to do?

First off realize it’s going to take a little more effort, cause if you just keep doing what you’re doing, the results aren’t going to change. (lookup the definition of insanity) But if you’re willing to take a couple extra minutes to do the steps that I’m about to share with you, long wear makeup is totally achievable… for all of you. Now I know some of you are thinking, “Yeah, but…(fill in the blank).

No you didn’t hear me. Long wear makeup is achivable for EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if you have dry, oily, combination, mature, acne-prone, or any other type of skin these tips will work for you.

How to get SUPER Long Wear Makeup

Step 1. Prime.

This is literally a game changer. It helps your foundation adhere to your skin and can also help absorb oil, which will ruin you makeup faster than anything. While face primers are the most common lip and eye shadow primers can work wonders. For best results use mattifing/oil control primers. This is a favorite face primer .  My favorite eye shadow primer would be harder to nail down but right now I’m loving this one. Here is a more budget friendly option that has great results as well.

Step 2. Keep it matte

This especially applies to oily and combination skin. Matte makeup is going to last longer. It’s just a fact. If you love a dewy look it’s a sad fact, but a fact none the less. For long wear makeup avoid, lip gloss, cream eye shadow, glowy foundations, and none matte eyeliners.

Favorite matte foundation and eyeliner i don’t have a favorite matte concealer yet, let me know what you love in the comments.

Step 3. Set

This is the most important of all three steps. To set your face, you can either use a setting spray or a translucent powder. I prefer a setting spray it is faster and doesn’t make your face look cakey or powdery. Recently I got a sample of this one in my IPSY bag and I absolutly love it. #rideordie If you prefer a translucent powder try this one. It’s great for pictures because it doesn’t contain silica which will create awful flashbacks.

With these three tricks up your sleeve you won’t have to worry about smeared makeup, no matter how many places you have to go in a day.

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