Whew! This review was supposed to go out a week ago. However the holidays took over and have been monopolizing my time and I’m just getting to it now. Better late than never…

For those of you that are new to IPSY, it is a beauty bag subscription for just $10 a month. Each month they send you 5 products, both full size and deluxe samples, personalized to you based on how your filled out their beauty survey. It’s a really great way to build your makeup arsenal and try new brands/products for really cheap. From  my experience the bags’ average retail value is about $43. Plus, every month they send your products in a (usually) cute makeup bag. Want to join the club? Sign up here. 

This month’s bag was gorgeous. A shiny silver clutch with teal and sparkle accents. But really the products are what make or break the bag for me. Here’s what I got in my Dec. Glam Bag.


TrèStique Mini Brow Pencil

I love a good eyebrow product, so I was glad to try this one from TreStique. The product is shaped like a triangle so it makes filling in your brows really quick. Just use the wide side to shape you middle and front of your eyebrow and the skinny side to perfect your tail. I also like that the pencil is really hard, which will result in more natural brows, but if you have sensitive eyebrows it may be a little painful to apply.

I got the color Espresso. It probably the best color I’ve tried (other than my Anastasia one) for a long time, but it still is a little to red toned. This is a super common problem with brow pencils, especially if you have pretty dark brown eyebrows but you don’t want to use a black pencil. .13g - Buy it on Amazon Here


SLMissGlam L36 Highlighter Brush

I’m not crazy about the aesthetics of this brush, but the important parts, bristles, handle, size are all great. The bristles are nice and soft and hold a good amount of product. Plus, their cruelty free. IPSY says you can use it to contour and blush as well as highlight, but personally I think it’s too small for that. It’s perfect for highlighting however and since that’s what it’s made for it gets 5 stars in my book. Unfortunately the only place I can find this brush is in this brush set


Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls Shimmer Eye shadow in Stargazing

I have recevied soooo many shimmer eyeshadow samples from IPSY that this was not a surprise. It did stand out in a couple of good ways though. First the sample size was at least three times as large as my other eyeshadow samples from IPSY. Secondly this was a great color to use a highlighter as well, and I love a great mutil-tasking product. Right now it’s sold out but here is where they sell it.


Ouai Hair Oil

I’m really surprised I got this. I said that I have thin fine hair on the survey, so this is definatly not something I’m going to like.

To be fair I did try this once, but as it smells aweful and I don’t use hair oil anyways I will not be using this again.


Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary

Finally, my long search for the perfect red lipstick is over. I’m obsessed with this color. It rich and deep without looking vampy. It’s has the perfect undertone for my skin. It has a creamy finish. And it’s just sooooo flattering. This lipstick totally makes up for all the other shortcomings of the other products in my glam bag.  Get this awesome, amazing, perfectly perfect red lipstick here.

In Closeing

After that amazing last product do I really need to tell you I loved my December Glam Bag?? I didn’t think so.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

If you’re not a Ipster and want to sign up Click Here Or check out other glam bag reviews here



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