Welcoming a new year is one of my favorite times of the year. A fresh start, a clean slate, and…. new beauty resolutions!!!!

This year I have some pretty unique resolutions so I’ll share a little about why I picked each of these to work on in 2018.

B.R. #1: Teach myself to sleep on my back.

Pillows collect grime, germs, and hair products like nobodies business. Especially since I don’t wash my hair every night, my pillow can be a huge cause of breakouts, clogged pores, and even wrinkles. Rubbing your face on the rough material of your pillow all night causes a lot of wear and tear on your skin, causing it to age faster. Hence beauty resolution #1. Read this post to find out how to teach yourself to sleep on your back.

B.R. #2 Area of Focus: Makeup 2018 - Lips

Each year I try to have a specific area I focus improving my skills in for both makeup and skincare. This year I chose my lips. First, I picked them because I feel like they have the most untapped potential. Even though their my least favorite feature, they could be better than they are. Secondly, I have the least experience with enhancing and accenting lips which is something I need to work on if I want to be a pro MUA.

B.R. #3 Area of Focus: Skin care 2018 - Pores

Acne was my biggest skin problem in 2017 and it has vastly improved from the beginning of the year, so my next biggest challenge is one faced by women all over the world (except maybe Korea, I hear everyone has perfect skin over there. Though as a half Korean myself I can tell you that definitely ain’t true) Pores. Little holes all over your face that expand and fill up with gunk or just sit like craters, disruption the smooth surface of your skin. Ugh, I really hate those little buggers.

B.R # 5 Get my esthetician’s license

This one is pretty self explanatory. Now that I can drive myself to and from school I plan on getting license and starting work this year.

So those are my beauty resolutions for 2018. Hopefully at least some of them will be remembered past April.

What were your beauty resolutions??




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