It is so heartbreaking when you drop your favorite compact on the bathroom floor. You know, even before you open it that your life is over because your holy grail blush, highlighter, or bronzing powder has just shattered. You might feel like rushing to order a new compact, or worse if that’s of the budget, just throwing in the towel and resigning to never look your best again.

But wait! using this trick that I’m going to share with you, (after reminding yourself to breath, I promise you will live through this) you can restore your makeup to it’s former glory.

All you need is one ingredients and 3 simple tools

What you need!

  • rubbing alcohol
  • a spoon
  • a paper towel
  • a coin (optional)

Scoop as much of the broken makeup back into the compact (bonus points if the compact was closed when you opened it!), then use the spoon to grind all the pieces back into powder.

Add some rubbing alcohol a little at a time, depending on how much powder their is. Make sure to get all of the powder wet.

I probably added a little too much alcohol, but it will get fixed in the next step. Remember, too much alcohol is better than too little. If you have to much, worse case scenario is you have to wait a little while longer for it to dry. If you have to little the makeup won’t stick together well and will spill the next time you open your compact.

Use the spoon to scrape the sides and edges of the compact to fully incorporate all the powder.

Press the paper towel onto the makeup. If you have extra moisture to soak up you may want to double the paper towel, or just move it to a dry spot.

Lay the coin on the paper towel. I had a rather large compact so I used a quarter, but if you are fixing smaller eye shadows or sample sizes, a penny might work better. Slide it around on the paper towel to compress the makeup in the compact.

Make sure you don’t press too hard and squish the makeup over the edges. You could use your finger for this step, but I find it works better with the coin to get it more tightly packed.

Let the makeup dry for at least 24 hours, and then you are done! You can sleep easy tonight knowing you saved your budget and your face.

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