I can’t believe it’s almost the end of August. This past month, actually the whole summer, has just flown by. And while I’m looking forward to all the rich berry nail polishes and warm matte eyeshadows that signify the entrance of fall, I’m not quite ready to put away the no-makeup, makeup looks of summer.

The first thing I always cut out of my normal routine for summer is lipstick. I hate the heavy feeling of it on my lips in the heat of the south. Plus, I’m too busy having fun in the sun to worry about touch-ups. Not to mention the fact that my car gets hot enough to melt lipstick. However, adding a little something to your lips, be that a tinted balm, liquid lipstick, or a light stain, adds a lot of class to your face and really helps pull your whole look together. My solution? Add a touch of a MLBB product.


In case you’re wondering MLBB stands for ‘my lips but better’. A super trendy lip look that is achieved by applying a lip product that closely matches the color of your lips. (duh!) Basically a super easy, no-fuss pout that look great all year long, but especially during the hot summer months.

I have long been searching for the perfect MLBB product, and just recently I found a new favorite. I don’t know if you heard of Maybelline’s baby lips collection, but it is the bomb. Their ‘glow balms’ are really hydrating and so rich and creamy. I use them to add a touch of luxury to my life without breaking the bank. (just kidding) All their glow balms are tinted to give your lips a me, but better look, however, Color 01, ‘my pink’ adds a special touch.

This balm changes color, based on the pH of you skin, to create the perfect shade for your lips. How fun is that? Both Lipstick Queen and Mac have color changing lip products on the market as well, that I’ve been really interested in. Who’s not into a green, color-changing lipstick? But they sure don’t beat Maybelinne’s pricing at $2.50.

Now you don’t have to swatch a million different colors on the back of you hand before you find the right MLBB color. Plus, this will keep your lips hydrated and kissing-soft all day long.

Want some for yourself? Click here or check out other Maybelline Baby Lips products Here

I’d love to hear about your favorite MLBB products in the comments. Plus, let me know if you’ve ever tried a color changing lip product and what you thought.

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